A se­ries of texts, printed and in­stalled in the ex­hi­bi­tion space, be­gins with a seem­ingly un­de­ni­able state­ment – ‘The pur­pose of text is to de­liver mes­sage’. Each of the fol­low­ing texts is the re­sult of chang­ing the or­der of words from the ini­tial text. Thus born new sen­tences and the new con­tra­dic­tory mean­ings that dis­prove the seem­ingly un­de­ni­able mean­ing of the first text.
Given sit­u­a­tion re­veals the weak­ness of semi­otics of the text as a medium and sug­gests to con­tinue the per­pet­ual search of new means of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. It ques­tions the com­pre­hen­sion of codes, means of trans­mit­ting the in­for­ma­tion, their struc­ture and evo­lu­tion.