The Link

The in­stal­la­tion con­sists of a three me­ters long neon framed text hangs of in the ex­hi­bi­tion hall. It re­sem­bles a web browser win­dow as the text in cen­tre is a URL link: http://i-am-on­line-there­  

It de­riv­a­tive of a fa­mous Rene Descarte’s quote — ‘I think, there­fore I Am’. While it is an artis­tic state­ment, that com­ments the new ac­tu­al­ity, it re­mains with it’s URL ad­dress fea­tures and trans­fers to the vir­tual part of the work — a web­site.
The site dis­plays the video, that is be­ing real-time broad­casted by the we­b­cam lo­cated op­po­site to the art­work, so that the viewer, who stands in front of it, is in the we­b­cam’s field of view.

The screen next to the neon in­stal­la­tion dis­plays the video. By fol­low­ing the link on the smart­phone or just by look­ing at the screen, the viewer sees him­self in front of the art­work. The whole sit­u­a­tion ac­tu­alises the state­ment, en­closed in the link’s text. The viewer un­der­goes a tran­si­tion from real to vir­tual, im­ple­ment­ing the ac­tion that has be­come the norm of our every­day life, like step­ping over the blurred bor­der­line, that had be­come barely vis­i­ble.
‘The Link’ was in­cluded in var­i­ous shows and was in­cluded in the per­ma­nent col­lec­tion of S. Kuryokhin Cen­ter. The web­site and video broad­cast­ing are ac­tive dur­ing the times ‘The Link’ is be­ing ex­hib­ited.